This chrome extension let you open 2 docs side by side and work simultaneously!


Thanks. I’m glad that you liked it!
A) I am already working on it. needs some extra work to implement it but i’ll get it done.
B) I intentionally kept it this way because:
a.) resizing 2 documents (when closing/opening pane) would affect the user experience.
b.) right pane is secondary document primarily opened to refer something. So more width should be given to the primary document (left pane) where the user would work upon.

However, these are just my personal opinions which could be different from others. I could add a settings which would toggle “Auto-adjust” doc pane width.


Hey Jerry, as long as one can manually adjust, I don’t have a particular opinion about the auto settings :slight_smile:

Awesome work!


this is really awesome jerry :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Added adjustable width feature :slight_smile:


why possibly would this be significantly better than just opening two notes side by side?

maybe cos of syncing related performance? –


Great work @jerrygoyal! This is excellent.


Wow, just installed it, love it already.

EDIT: I had to uninstall it, TOO BUGGY! The second dynalist is in mobile mode, so you get weird menus, and Find doesn’t work in the second window.


Would be pretty cool to get this on Firefox, then with their new ‘side view’ feature, we could have three columns side by side, and be approaching Trello-territory :slight_smile: