Themes for iframes

Hey friends! I’ve used WorkFlowy Pro for years, and switched over to Dynalist Pro this morning.


I run a few software projects, and would love to use Dynalist for sharing public roadmaps, release notes, etc. Dynalist’s existing sharing solution is exactly what I’m looking for - but custom themes would take it to the next level. Is there already a system in place to specify a theme which the interface should use for share links and iframe embeds? Something as simple as

<iframe src="" height="600" width="800"></iframe>

Would be an absolute game changer for me. Also, I appreciate that the header is automatically hidden for iframe embeds. Any way to hide the sidebar and theme background color as well?

If we could additionally get the ability to inject custom CSS into iframe embeds and set a default expanded/collapsed state for items, I may dedicate the rest of my life to spreading the gospel of Dynalist.


Unfortunately not right now, but theme/collapsed state is easier to to than custom CSS.

Dynalist data is very separate from user preference right now, so when you share content, Dynalist shows the data with the default settings (e.g. light theme), because getting your preference would require authentication as you.

I appreciate the idea of appending ?theme=dark and I think that’s the direction we’re going. Still unsure about how custom CSS can work though, we’ll have to think more about that.

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I don’t know if it still works but this should be possible with the Powerpack 3

Thanks Erica! I appreciate your response. For my use case, I’m thinking about writing a proxy/styling injection system using the document-level API this weekend. For other users, I could see the ability to specify a theme and inject custom CSS for shared guest viewers being quite useful in the future.

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@Philipp Thanks for sharing that Powerpack 3 link! This will be quite useful for me personally. In this embedded iFrame use case, however, am I correct in understanding that the powerpack works essentially through XSS injection and wouldn’t be available to other shared viewers?

Yes you are right. It’s not XSS but it does inject a ton of JavaScript, CSS and HTML into Dyanlist which the other users don’t have.
This is more of an hack for personal use. I would highly appreciate it as well if this would get implemented.