The simple way to use dynalist as a mindmapping tool

I learned to use dynalist as a mindmapping tool. just by extending each thought under a supporting branch.

This may be obvious to some, but its really helped me to use lists like a mindmap so maybe i dont need it to look like a mindmap to use it as one. ( dynalist as a mindmap was an old wish i had)

Also, the first bullet “schedule on calendar” is a new initiative to add anything i want to actually do on the calendar, so my lists are not infinite.


dynalist as a mindmap was an old wish i had

There’s an old experiment if you change _**documentID** to _**documentID** you can see whatever documentID you input as a mindmap. It doesn’t work well.

Trees, heirarchal lists, multi-dimensional arrays, and hierarchical mindmaps are all names for the exact same data format, they just get traditionally styled differently, for display. Some outliners even open a new pane to the right with each level of the heirarchy, and you scoll the pane to see the children at that level. I think dynalist would be even better that way, personally, but it’s no big deal.

PERSONALLY I use more of a [trigger] > [step 1] > [step 2,3,4,5,6,…] to flow down the heirachy in the order things happen.


  • free time
    • visit tmobile
      • buy 12" ipad
      • (blocked) at apt
        • clean apt

which becomes after unblocking

  • at apt
    • clean apt

that just works best for me and my distractable lazy subconscious, since i can collapse everything and drill into triggers when they occur, and be presented with the first baby step, and if i do that i drill deeper.