The ability to "lock" an item to keep it from accidental deletion


I just spent the past 45 minutes going through my archived versions to recover a large amount of content that I deleted from Dynalist by accident a few days ago. That was totally my bad, of course. Still, I wonder if this happens often enough to users to make the following worthwhile.

I would like to developers to consider the following:

  1. Is there a way to lock an item to prevent deletion of an item that still allows editing of sub-items?

  2. If not, I’d be happy if there a way a way to lock an item, even if I have to unlock it to edit sub-items.


This is actually the only thing that’s keeping me from using Dynalist.


Yea this would be nice actually - we all have high level structural nodes that we’re never going to delete - recovery saves us from disaster, but some form of locking would be much less stressful

Would definitely want it to not effect sub-items though