Templates for Repeated Tasks/Projects

For my day job I have to remember to keep up with the large incoming number of messages, requests and questions that enter through email, voicemail and calls. Oh, and drop-in visits!

I’ve created a simply daily template of tasks that I need to complete in the morning and I’m curious if anyone has any creative or innovative ways to create/use templates in Dynalist?


I’m a university student currently, and for each lecture I make a new document. I have an empty “lecture document” that I simply copy into the appropriate folder, then update the information. Headings are number, name, date, any scanned notes or slides, summary, and content, then footnotes if there are any. Makes it so much easier to keep track of what’s going on than continuously checking back to other documents. :slight_smile:


When I use my Chrome browser, I use an extension called ProKeys I have created a snippet that allows me to create a set of repeatable tasks. I have created a few of these snippets for repeatable tasks for a day, week, month, etc.,

It works great especially when I use my Chrome browser. Obviously, this doesn’t work for me when I use the Android app. :wink:

I use a lot of templates but I wouldn’t say I do it in a particularly novel way - they are just checklists - I do love them though, especially for things like holidays it does save me a lot of time / anxiety - sometimes I include good questions to ask yourself like Dave Allen’s ‘What could go wrong?’ to remind me of good mental planning practise

Nothing fancy here.

I keep my templates in a doc with a unicode character:

Have hours by day with and without sub-bullets:

And a calendar template via Workflowy:

I use a never ending three category naming system.

  • Pain
  • Throb
  • Curse

For example:

Pain is for things like routines. If it’s doubly hard - I name it Pain/Pain. If I like the task, it’s Pain/Throb. If it is something that I just have to do. It’s Pain/Curse.

At the heart of it all though is that I hate parent bullet points in outliners. (Zooming does help though.)

I just want to set a name and let my mood handle the rest. (i.e. if I want to enjoy something I just zoom into Throb and if I have to do backups - I just zoom into Curse)

At least in the initial view - I will only spot three names.