Take emailed attached files and add them as attachments

Request: Take emailed attachments and attach them as uploaded files to their item in the inbox.

Use case: I use Rocketbook to take notes with pen and paper, then get them “scanned” by a mobile app which does OCR on the document and drops it into one of many cloud services or simply emails it somewhere as an attached PDF. When I have it email this over to Dynalist, sadly the PDF doesn’t come long. As OCR isn’t perfect and my handwriting is total trash, it would be nice to reference the PDF within Dynalist when I consolidate the imported document into various lists.



Hi Rubin, which app do you use to convert your written text into a pdf?

You should be able to download templates for the pages it can scan through the app.

Thanks :grinning:

I don’t care about the OCR stuff personally. But I really wish that attachments to emails sent to my dynalist email address could be added as attachments to the note. especially images

Here is another use case: having the audio recording of notes I am taking for myself arrive in your Dynalist inbox. For many, many years now, I’ve been doing this as follows:

  1. On the iPhone, start the RecUp app. This app starts recording as soon as it is launched, and stops when you exit the app. Then it immediately uploads the recording as an mp3 in a Dropbox folder.
  2. I use IFTTT to automatically email any new mp3 in that folder to the my inbox, and several applications I’ve used over the years support this quite well (OmniFocus, Evernote, Checkvist).

It would be nice to able to do this with Dynalist, wouldn’t it?



Alex, here is a solution that I use: Note to self mail is like RecUp, but can then auto email the audio file to whatever email address that you like. so it could email to the dynalist email address in the future (once it supports attachments)

in the meantime. I’m thinking to email IFTTT, have it strip attachments (or handle the attachments) and then forward the email contents to dynalist. looking into.

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ok guys, I managed to implement this by first sending the email to Zapier and then using Zapier’s SMTP action to forward the email to my Dynalist email address.

the “trick” is just to put the “body plain” and “attachment” properties in the “body” part of the email sent from Zapier:

the result is that Zapier uploads the attachment and generates a link (if multiple attachments, then they get combined into one zip file) and then I have that link included in the body of the email sent to Dynalist.

here’s the result (not ideal that the url is so long, but still). I set the date to be the subject line of the email:


per suggestion from Erica. if you write instead as:
[Attachment name](attachment link)

then it looks nicer:

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I dont want to use zapier. Is there another way possible?

This is PERFECT. Thank you!! added the share link parameter in Zapier in the body of the email and it works flawlessly.

Hi there.
Is this feature still being considered? Any plans for this to be added?

See “top feature candidates” to see whats being developed

As for quickly snapping a photo into your dynalist inbox - Snap a photo into your dynalist inbox in 1 second from your home screen

@Jack_Smith it looks like I did the same as you basically, except IFTTT rather than zapier

@BigChungus Thanks for the info :+1:. I suppose if it’s not there we’ll have to wait for it.