Snap a photo into your dynalist inbox in 1 second from your home screen

I’ve been wanting a less cumbersome way to photograph a document into my dynalist inbox.

I figured it out.

It’s two taps, and you can very rapidly press them, then turn off your phone and trust that the image will be in your dynalist inbox. 1 second of effort.

It’s called IFTTT. You create an Android widget called camera on your home screen. You set the recipe to send the markdown for an image to your inbox. For the image URL you click ingredient, and click permanent URL. The image is hosted on IFTTT servers. It’s a publicly accessible URL but it’s a 50 character random alphanumeric string that nobody is ever going to guess, so that’s enough security for me, personally. I’m not sure if the permanent URL is a IFTTT pro feature, but I do have pro.

If you don’t know how to use the DynaList API in IFTTT, do a search in this forum for IFTTT and there are tutorials.


If anyone else is struggling with the setup here is an example (That works for me at least):


Only got it to work when I copied the example from the API docs:

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