@ tags do not preserve capitalization

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an @ tag like @JohnDoe
  2. Try to use the new @ tag in some different spot. The drop-down with the list of possible tag choices shows up. In the list the new tag now looks like @johndoe. The capitalization is lost

Expected result

I expect that the tag will continue to be displayed as @JohnDoe, with capital J and capital D.

Actual result

Like I said, the tag looks like @johndoe, no capital letters.


Windows 10 Enterprise x60, Microsoft Edge, latest version

Additional information

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Additional comments

Seems like a duplicate of New Tag Pane feature seems to have broken autocomplete capitalization of previous tags

Will fix!

Update: the change should be reverted now. We’ll look for another solution to fix the tag sensitivity problem in the tag pane.

Hi @Erica … it seems that I still have this issue : I can capitalize with a tag (# or @) within a file (let’s say File1) but when I start a new file (File2), and I start typing # or @ and a letter, I don’t have any autocompletion displayed with the tags created in the File1, is this a normal behaviour ? (the same on Chrome or Mac App)

Thank you very much for your help !

I believe that’s a different issue. Have you turned on “Auto-complete tags from all docs” in settings?

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Thank you Erica for your help you were right !

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