New Tag Pane feature seems to have broken autocomplete capitalization of previous tags

Steps to reproduce

  1. Previously created a single tag only, e.g. “#Capital”. (Note the capitalization of the first letter)
  2. Create multiple notes with the tag exactly spelt and formatted as “#Capital”. (Note the capitalization of the first letter)
  3. In new note, enter the first few letters of a tag, e.g. “#cap

Expected result

The tag is autocompleted to match exactly the formatting contained in the existing database of tags. In this case, the autocomplete will produce, “#Capital

Actual result

The tag is autocompleted to match the existing database of tags but not the formatting (i.e. whether the tag has uppercase and/or lowercase letters). In this case, the autocorrect displays, “#capital” instead of “#Capital


Two environments

  1. Windows 10 & Chrome on desktop
  2. Ubuntu 16.04 & Chrome on desktop

Additional information

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Additional comments

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Can replicate this bug. Recently someone else said that it’s unexpected to have “@Tag” and “@tag” show up as two different tags, and I think that makes sense. The problem is that the capitalization is lost when we unified the cases.

Will find another way to fix this!

Update: the change should be reverted now. We’ll look for another solution to fix the tag sensitivity problem in the tag pane.

Thanks. Fixed

I actually have duplicate tags in my tags list, when imported from Workflowy.

I.e. My tags list shows:

Also - can you pls clarify the difference between, or utility, of, Document Tags vs All Tags?

I’ve been Dynalisting a list of issues I’ve encountered, alongside noticing all the improvements! To avoid duplicates/unnecessary noise where would it be most helpful to share these?

That’s actually the problem that we were looking to fix while breaking this, lol. The problem is actually more complicated than we thought. For example, if all occurrences of a tag has the same capitalization, we should uses that one, e.g. “#PhD”. Lowercase is not always desirable. However, when there are for example 89 instance of “#Work” and 11 occurrences of “#work”, what should we display in the tag pane instead? Probably “#Work”, so Dynalist needs to compute the most frequently used capitalization as well.

For you, I’m not sure if “#CONTENT” or “#content” is more “correct” to you. We want the most familiar version to appear in the tag pane, so it would take some consideration and work.

As the name suggests, Document Tags are the tags in the current document and All Tags are the tag is all your Dynalist documents. They are the same if you only have one document. In that case you can ignore the other list.[quote=“Morgan_Newall, post:5, topic:821”]
I’ve been Dynalisting a list of issues I’ve encountered, alongside noticing all the improvements! To avoid duplicates/unnecessary noise where would it be most helpful to share these?

Hmm because there’s no official list yet, duplicates can always surface. We just need to point to the original post. The forum topic list itself is a list! :smiley:

The problem seems to be that each person have a different way of describing the same bug or suggested improvement, so even if there exists such an official list, we still need to maintain it and get rid of duplicates, plus not everyone will consult the list before posting. Thanks for the kind suggestion though! :slight_smile:

For me lowercase is fine, and while I understand your points and wishes for all use-cases i’d say it’s safe to treat lowercase as the default, with uppercase being the exception.
Given that Workflowy ignores caps, and I’ve never even thought about it, is a case in point.

Ah yes, yet this brings me to one of my issues - this contradicts your own naming conventions - because you list documents as “my files”, when shouldn’t it be “My Documents”?

While on that: it would be very cool to have a list of files/attachment on the left panel:
My Documents
My Files

The files could be anything that’s attached to any list, uploaded direct to Google Drive &/or Dropbox (u need not manage storage), and listed there to be reattached to any new Document.
This is one of the fundamental missing features in WF for me.
I don’t need to store files, I do need to attach files.

Trello has a nice implementation of this - click:
Select: dropbox, google drive, etc
Native pane pops-up, search i.e. google drive
Select, attach
An attachment is on your card
Click and opens in GDrive

Thanks for the pointer to Trello! I’ll check that out. Others have suggested similar things.

And I apologize for the naming – files mean folders + document, and uploads mean uploaded files in Dynalist, I know it’s confusing and it needs an overhaul! :slight_smile:

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Heya, I’m still seeing this issue.

EDIT: as in the Capitalised Tags vs lowercase tag duplicates:
Tags list shows:
There was discussion about fixes, any progress?

It’s actually broken the use of tags for me in DL, since coming from Workflowy, and I’d really like to use again.

You mentioned above examples like PhD, and how to handle.
IMHO lowercase should be standardised, i.e. ‘phd’ in tag list is correct, as it’s a tag.
Yet in context should have whatever caps u choose, as per Workflowy.

Quick update: This is now fixed in the web app, with desktop and mobile apps to follow soon.