Tag With 00/00/00 No Longer Working

Steps to reproduce

Create a tag with numbers and slashes (e.g. #00/00/00 or @00/00/00

Expected result

Create a tag.

Actual result

This used to create tags, however now it does not.


Windows 10
Dynalist Desktop 1.4.0
Custom CSS

Additional information


Additional comments

I noticed another bug report where a user mentioned that ‘#3’ or such did not create a tag, and the response indicated this was intended. I hope this is not the case here, as it would be very annoying after having used this system since I started with Dynalist.

Hmm as far as I remember tags required the first character to be non-digit. I don’t remember changing that recently…

I posted this screenie in the ‘share and showcase’ thread on May 7th, at which point it was working:

Oh I know what happened. The recent change was that many punctuation/special characters are now excluded/disallowed from tags, which made your tag @1/01/20 get recognized as @1 instead. It seems like tags require at least a character that’s not a digit, so @1 wasn’t even recognized.

This change was put in about 2 months ago, at least on the web version. Originally, the fix was intended to catch situations where one would write @person1/@person2 which would be recognized as a single tag (See: Mentions/tags include common punctuation)

I’m thinking a solution would be to treat / as part of the tag unless the next character is #, @ or a space character.