Tag pane

(Moved from Trello; you can vote for this feature and see past discussion at https://trello.com/c/p1yx0IAB/102-tag-pane)

Another pane alongside “My files” and “Bookmarks” that include all tags used in your Dynalist.

Preliminary ideas:


  • We don’t want to override Ctrl+Shift+T as the shortcut to open the tag pane, since it conflicts with the popular “open last tab” feature in Chrome & Firefox (maybe IE too?). What about Ctrl+Shift+H?

Preliminary idea:

  1. Tags pane floating at the right side of the document, showing the tag count as well
  2. Option to sort the tags by count result or sort alphabetically.
  3. Every tag in the tag pane is a hyperlink to the search of the tags
  4. At the tags, there is another hyperlink to “Quick toggle” the tag in the current item (/or even current multiple item)
  5. Integrate “weighted tags”

Wow, if this is done, dynalist will be a highly flexible and customizable database!!


Not sure about this… in the first version the tag pane will most likely be alongside file pane and bookmark pane, for simplicity and consistency. Although I really like the idea of being able to dock panes anywhere (left, right, bottom…). That would allow you to basically create your own workspace. So cool.

Yep, definitely!

Not sure how is this different from No.3… Mind explaining some more?

Again not 100% sure what you mean by weighted tags. Would really appreciate some explanation on how it would work out! :slight_smile:

I think @Chris meant adding or removing the tag from the currently selected item(s).

I’d love to hear this too!

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Ok that makes more sense.

Basically, when you click the tag, it clear the current search term and puts the tag in. If you toggle it, the tag is added the search query if it’s not part of it and gets removed otherwise. Correct?

Let’s hope @Chris comes back sometimes.

We should really email notifications some times soon (nothing annoying like daily digests, just emails notifications when someone quotes you or replies to you or mentions you).

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Hi Chris,

Just wanted to follow up with you on this again.

Could you clarify what you meant by “weighted tags”?

Sorry for late reply.

By Weighted tag I mean there is a number (integer/floating point) associate to each tag, such that when we “count” it, we are actually calculating the sum of the weight.



  • Apple #cost=3
  • Orange #cost=5

Then in the tag pane it will show:
#cost (8)


That’s pretty cool. I would definitely use to to replace making a budget in an excel sheet.

@Erica @Yatharth_Agarwal, what do you think?

Oh, I was thinking weighed tags meant changing the size based on the number of entries with that tag. Although that’s more like a tag cloud, which also is a cool idea.


I’m always hesitant to add niche features—they feel more appropriate as a Greasemonkey script or something—but I don’t know.

In fact, what I’d really love to see would be a nice way for external scripts to access the Dynalist data (just a little exposure of data and documentation). Erica and Shida themselves could maybe provide and maintain some Greasemonkey scripts, but that way maintaining a nice, completely stable, perfectly tested core app doesn’t drive them crazy while also unleashing the public’s creativity.

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Just wanna through in my vote: I think a tag pane would be super useful!

I already had a plan to get around to creating my own “tag dictionary” where I listed all the tags I use. If this feature is planned, I don’t even have to do this! :grinning:

My workaround is to have an item listing out all the tags I use, and thus in every tag search it will appear. It is like a menu at the top. Can’t wait to see the tag pane. ^^

Yes, I think this is what people use in WorkFlowy as well. The downside is that you have to manually maintain it…

Maybe something like Bear’s tag pane with nested tags? And maybe a search at the top to narrow the results?


Yep, something like that. After the first iteration, tag replace and custom text/background color can also be set from there.


This will be brilliant. Dynalist keeps getting better!

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

Update: this feature will be Pro only, now that we realize we’re already giving away a lot for free (a little too much, actually). Rather than start charging for the existing features, we’ll try to restrain ourselves to only charging for future, non-basic features.


Update: implemented!

For more details see blog post: http://blog.dynalist.io/tag-pane/

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make nested hashtags, like: #work #work/sales #work/ops
would be seen on the tags pan like:

  • #work

where parent pan is expandable/collapsable

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