Tag pane (Pro feature)


I understand as a new member I have a 14 day trial of pro features. I don’t have this tag pane.

EDIT: the web view has it. The desktop (Windows) view does not.)


Please restart the app, sorry for the inconveniences!


I wonder what should be under there, a list of all untagged items with their full notes? Looks overwhelming especially if a person doesn’t tag everything (that might be the majority of users, since I can’t image myself tagging things like book notes and meeting notes either).


Right, my bad; I meant it to open a list of all untagged notes in the main window, like it’s a separate file. Not a drop down like #tags, of course… Anyway, I still want folders:D What do you mean by “create, maintain and update”? How are tag folders fundamentally different from file folders? Coding-wise it shouldn’t be that hard, come on. Here’s what I think it should look like:


It’s not perfect by any means, just a basic visualization.
Alright now, isn’t that looks amazing?!?!one


Tags are dramatically different than files. Files are saved on our server and are persistent, whereas tag counts are counted each time you open Dynalist or edit something, so they are fresh on each restart.

Given this, you should understand why it’s hard to add folders to tags. Tags do not persist, and tag folders need to persist. More accurately, it’s not technically hard, but it’s not elegant design given the current state, since tags will be kept in two different ways (1. computed from scratch and 2. saved in folder data). So we’ll need to think more about how to properly do it.


I really hope that this feature of having the tag pane also show tags at the current zoom level is still planned. It would make it so much easier to tell at a glance the contents of dense parts of any given document. Ideally this part of the tag pane would also display only the tags present within search results after a search is conducted. That would be so powerful. Any chance this feature could at least be added to Trello so it can start moving up the chain?


You can start with posting a feature request in the forum and see if others are interested in it as well.

If the answer is yes, we can add it to the Trello board! :smile: