Tag exploding (alt+click tag) not working as expected (bug or?)

Steps to reproduce

Alt+click on tag

Expected result

Tag is fully exploded (no spaces) and the text cursor is placed instead of exploded tag.

Actual result

Tag is not fully exploded (“space is created”) and no cursor placing.

  • need to manually delete the “space” (super annoying)
  • need to manually click again to write (for example a new tag etc.)


Windows 10 pro

Additional information

Using WF also where this feature work as expected (maximum efficiency). Please check for inspiration, thanks.

I agree about the space, will fix!

Not sure about whether cursor should be placed though, that sounds like a personal preference to me. Markdown will be expanded in Dynalist, so we try not to focus on an item when no necessary to minimize text reflow. WorkFlowy is WYISWYG so it’s not a problem for them. I hope that’s understandable!

Hi Erica, thanks for fast reply, appreciated.

I agree the cursor placing might be personal. On the other hand, I would highly doubt, anyone would be offended if cuszor would move with the tag exploding.

Either people don’t care, or would be extremelly happy (like me) because they save 1 click every time they wish to immediatelly edit the exploded tag note (fe. new tag, which is usually the main reason for tag exploding in the first place imo).

Anyway, the spacing bug have bigger impact, happy you agree.
Nice day, M

Example: let’s say I’m working on item A and my cursor is there. Suddenly I see a mistyped tag in item B and want to remove it. With the current behavior, removing the tag in item B with Alt+Click will not put the cursor in item B, so I can continue editing item A and that’s what I want to do.

This is just an imaginary case but you should be able to see why someone might want it.

Hi Erica,

Yeah, sure, there always gona be some cases/users who would benefit from the current exploding setting.

But to be honest, the more advanced Dyna/WF users, who are using tags heavily (GTD, ZTD, etc.) are imo usually exploding tags in purpuse as a process (fe. during the reviews of daily tags, project tags, etc.). I mean, they are not randomly exploding during the work (that would be horrible idea).

Trying to say, the majority of exploding imo is not random during the work, it is planned and processed conscious act. Either wanna explode bulk of tags fast and replace the tag quickly while doing so (or not, but that is usually not in the way of loosing track of cursor - you just dont care in that phase of your work rutine).

Just my 5 cents.

Should be fixed now in the newest version, sorry for the delay!

Works perfectly, thanks!

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Thanks so much for confirming!