Table View, Tables & Tracking Lists

Here’s a View option: Tracking Tables

Structure: It’s essentially two lists, where the first item inside a list, you could call it ‘Headers’, is itself a list that becomes the column headers to the Table View. The list then becomes the Row Headers, of what is then displayed as a Table.

Uses: Things like the sign you see on the back of the restroom door, “Restroom Cleaning Schedule” - Day 1 through 31 across the top. All the items to be cleaned, down the side.

Variations: Date Ranges could be offered as standard column headers (with days of the week).

Cool Options:
a. A ‘Clear the Table’ / Reset button, that wipes out the sheet, and lets you start filling in a blank table again.
b. Customizable picklists to fill in the cells. This row, you choose from this list of names, 1-10, Y/N, Check/‘X’/’?’, Smiley/Frowny, etc. Right click, and pick the option.

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