Table, Grid, Spreadsheet Feature

Sometimes I feel like making a quick grid of items instead of a list, but then I realize I have to switch to a different program.
Technically, it’s possible to do inside the notes, but I was wondering if it was possible to do with the list items. All it would be is just different formatting of the list items.


What do you think, would this be useful to you in any real capacity?


You can insert new line in item with Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

I like the idea! Sometimes I wish that were possible too. :slight_smile:

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ditto on table/ spreadsheet/ databased functionality

CSS grids are definitely the best way to create a grid (because of grids 😎). Unfortunately, today's grid support leaves a lot to be desired. They are hidden behind a flag in every browser, so it is better not to consider grids. In CSS, there are many ways to arrange objects on the page: by absolute coordinates, relative to each other, fixing in a certain place of the page, etc.

One useful way for a web developer is to divide a page into columns and rows as if it were a table or grid. And within that grid, place objects. You can also use the automated alternative to supermetrics