Table functionality


With the embedded images in the list the only thing remaining to make me completely happy is to add a way of building Tables within a Dynalist Item.

My workaround for now is to go with JSON kind of approach (not very readable) or create tables in Excel and paste images (not editable).

Adding Columns to Items

tables ! tables ! tables!


Table editing is not easy to implement, unfortunately.

For the impatient, try out PowerPack where you can embed an iframe in Dynalist (could be any website, Google Sheets included).

The only downside is that it only works in the browser, and that it might make the page a bit bloated if you load a Google Sheet for each table.


Hey @Erica, what about the possibility of adding markdown tables? Wherein the user would input

content content

for example, which would render as a table.


I am not sure if it’s supported but you can do this in notes, can’t you? It’ll be in disarray on mobile devices though.


That’s possibility, but the work required much more than what we initially thought. If we’re using a Markdown parsing library, it would be very easy.

But because Dynalist has things like internal links and dates, we use our own custom markdown parsing algorithm. And table is not a trivial one like bold or italics.

We’ll still consider it, just saying that given the fixed amount of benefit, because of the heavier workload, it might be pushed back as priority.


Only if he uses a fixed-width font though, i.e. “Consolas”.


At least there is a way for people with immediate needs.


As always thanks for your help on this Erica, much appreciated! I will hope it becomes popular enough to add to the roadmap soon, if only just to get me off Google Sheets altogether :slight_smile:


Google Sheets should still have its uses (e.g. for math and sorting), but I agree to simple tables it should be enough :slight_smile: