Style Elements On A Document By Document Basis?


I’m trying to figure out how to style elements in a specific document (while not affecting other document styles.)

A quick example:

Let’s say, in my file sidebar, I have 3 dynalist documents. Their file names are as follows:

  1. “Document White #1
  2. “Document White #2
  3. “Document Blue”

If I want the background of “Document Blue” to be blue, BUT!.. want to keep the background white for all other documents… how do I do that?

Is this even possible?


@Erica do you know if this is this something currently possible?

I think in order to control css on a doc-by-doc basis, we’d need a class or id on one of the top-level elements that uniquely identifies the doc. I took a brief look at the HTML and I didn’t see anything like that. My guess is that it’s not possible for now.

I add my vote for this feature though – it would be nice to be able to style the font and background of specific documents. My use case would be styling my creative and story docs to capture some of the feel of the genre. It may sound a little silly, but it would make a difference! :smiley:

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@RobertSmith: sorry, don’t think it’s possible yet. Like Craig said, the parent container of everything should have a title that’s the document name or ID, like tags do. That way you should be able to style things based on which document it’s in.

@Craig_Oliver: thanks for the vote! Received :smiley:


No. It does not sound silly. Not at alll man. I’m definitely with you!

I use dynalist as a text editor and a reference library—each being located in an individual doc. It would be cool to style the “reference” and “work” differently, to, like you said, make them visually “feel” different.