Spring-loaded top level tasks for drag-n-drop

In Mac OS, you can drag a file to a folder and hover for a second before the folder “pops open” displaying it’s contents. In this way you can “drill down” into subfolders before dropping the file, and when you do, all the “popped open” folders close so you’re back where you started. It’s nice for quickly stashing a single file away deep in the folder structure without having to first open a “target” window to drag it into, then closing that window after the move is done.

I propose a similar behavior in Dynalist for top-level items which are not already expanded when a user initiates moving an item. If the user drags the item to a top-level item which has sub-items, they can hover over the bullet and it will spring open, allowing the user to deposit that item within its sub-tasks. Upon ‘dropping’ the item, the sprung-open task will re-close itself, leaving the user right where they started.

have you considered using the ctrl+shift+m shortcut for moving things?

I usually do this, send it to the top of the parent list, then ↓ push it down where its needed and [tab] as needed as well

Vincent, thanks for that suggestion, but it doesn’t work very smoothly for me. If i use cmd+shift+M to send a task to a parent task which is currently not-expanded, it just disappears into the parent and my cursor is left at the next task which was below it before moving. So then i have to cursor-down to the parent and expand it, cursor down to the moved task, then shuffle it around. I love having keyboard shortcuts but this is actually slower than using the mouse in the first place.

Also, i just think it’s a good idea to have a good way to do this with the mouse.

I’d also like to see this implemented. It would be helpful if a document, when dragged over a folder, highlighted the folder so the file could be dropped inside.