Spellcheck on Linux Beta does not work

I submitted this bug via email last week, but I thought I would post here as well, in case others are having the same problem :slight_smile:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch Linux beta
  2. Check settings to ensure that the “Enable Spell Checker” option is checked
  3. Type in gibberish such as “lkajsdfl;jasl;dfasdl;j l;sdkl; lasdlsd lsdskl”

Expected result

The above text is marked as a spelling mistake

Actual result

No spelling mistakes are marked


  • Linux (Manjaro)
  • Window manager: i3
  • Dynalist version: 1.0.7
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Hi @LinuxLefty, thanks for reporting the bug! I can confirm the issue.

It’s actually happening on all three platforms. We were relying on the built-in spell checker provided by the browser, and now we need something else.

Thanks again!

Hi @Erica,

I wonder if there is any update on the spellchecker. I wanted to ask before I report an issue (on Mac).


Unfortunately no updates, as spellchecking basically requires us the build it from scratch, which is a lot of work.

We plan to do it eventually, but from what we know so far, it will take us a long time to do. Really sorry about that.

@Erica perhaps this might be helpful for macOS: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit/nsspellchecker

We’ll take a look, thanks for the pointer!

Moving the discussion to here and closing this, as it’s not exactly a bug. Thanks for understanding!