Sorting lists

be able to have lists or sub-lists auto-sort by date or alphabetically


For alphabetical sort, you can vote here if you haven’t done so already: Trello

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Also sort by tag!

I have GTD Tags like 0-Daily, 1-Now, 2-Next, 3-Soon, 4-Later, 5-Scheduled, 8-Waiting, and 9-Done.

I would love to be able to filter my document based on a context, like Home or Work, and then sort the list on the priority tag.


Okay, so now I’m switching to colours for the GTD priorities so I guess I have to amend my me too to say sort by color label.

Thanks guys!

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This is probably captured elsewhere, but I’d love to simply right click on a folder and select “Sort documents.” Being able to sort in descending order and by creation dates/times, tags, label colors, etc. could always come later or in Pro versions.



It would seem that alphabetized lists would naturally be high on the priority list. I have a messy long list that I would love to clean up quickly with one menu click. The ability to auto sort by tags, alphabetical and dates would clean up things nicely and generate good feelings.:lollipop:


can i just not vote for it here ? going to trello seems a bit lame…

Sure you can like the original post as a vote. Trello is just easier to see and compare votes in a central place, but I understand you need to log in to Trello and not everyone has or wants a Trello account.

Good afternoon,

Any chance the sorting feature has gotten some traction?

I would love to hit a button and sort my lists by colour (note that I would prefer no colour to be at the bottom but if that’s not configurable then I can deal with it).


I like the idea of being able for every node to choose the criteria for auto-sorting of all direct children under the node.

  • Alphabetical sort
  • By modified date
  • By create date
  • By colours (for this we also need to define an order over the colours)
  • By tags (for this we also need to define an order over the tags)
  • By tags presence
  • By combinations of all the above

It feels like a bit overkill to implement all this flexibility.
Alphabetical sort is the most needed probably.
It can also win us some users from the competition like TODO.TXT.

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@Mike2: if you want this much functionality, I recommending checking out Powerpack. It’s unofficial but should fill the bill.

@Schultzter: started working on it!

@Michael_Potter @mdrain @Schultzter: can any explain how you imagine tag sort to work? Right now I’m just thinking alphbetically by the first tag in the item. I don’t see myself sorting by tags so this is probably not what you guys want.

Thanks for the update.

I don’t see myself sorting by tag either, I think filtering is sufficient.

Sorting by colour is my most important requirement since I use colour for priority.

I just re-read the thread and realised I originally wanted to sort by tag.

But that’s when I was using tags for priority. Now that I’m using colours it’s more important for me to sort by colour.

Sorting alphabetically and by various dates (created, modified, due) would also be interesting.

Colour is my top priority, and I would just use your label numbers for the order (i.e.: colour label 1, colour label 2, …).

I just want to right-click a folder and sort its documents in alphabetical order.


But then Dynalist would need to implement an import from TODO.TXT feature! :grinning:

I was actually looking at TODO.TXT the other day, and it’s pretty cool but it’s missing sub-tasks and all the implementations (apps) I tried were pretty basic. And they all oddly require Dropbox for sync’ing?!

This message is mostly off-topic, so, I do not mind Erica deleting it.

But then Dynalist would need to implement an import from TODO.TXT feature!

I migrated from TODO.TXT myself mainly for the same reason. Thanks to the fact that all the tasks were a simple text, I just copy-pasted it into Dynalist and right away got every task as a bullet. Then spent some time changing the format of due-dates from “due:” to “!()”. That was not, really, big a deal.
I still use some of their syntax in Dynalist like “x” followed by a date to mark a completed task and date. Tags #A, #B, #C in the beginning of a line to assign priority.

And they all oddly require Dropbox for sync’ing?!

That is a cornerstone of TODO.TXT philosophy that a “master version” of a task list should be stored in a plain text file, and, fortunately, specialized cloud file storage solutions like Dropbox, OneDrive etc. are the best at synchronizing files across devices. Also, this solution does not require developers to develop and maintain syncing infrastructure, which is a big plus for a free tool. That is why Dropbox, I believe :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s a pretty simple migration. My feature was meant in jest.

You can sort Dynalist or anything if you make a script for your computer.

In alfred the workflow and bash is like
sort <<< "${1}"