Some (not all files) lost sync between PC and phone

I have two files that no longer sync between phone and pc.

When I attempt to edit that file on the pc (I use dynalist webpage on pc, not the pc app), I consistently get the error “can’t sync”

When I edit those files on phone, the edits don’t show up on pc (web). They do show up in the phone during future sessions. There is no indication I can notice on the phone itself that tells me there is any problem unless I compare to pc.

My other files sync between phone and PC fine, the problem seems limited to two files.

I think somewhere along the line the sync was broken on those two files and dynalist doesn’t know how to resolve the conflicts.

The bulk of the info that I want to save is on the phone version of the files.

1 - Is there a way to get the files back into sync (reverting to the phone version of the file and discarding the pc version)?
2 - Any idea what I did wrong to create this loss of sync?

Additional info - The symptom of perpetually-loading animation on the phone app (Android stuck at loading animation) seems to have occurred at the same time as the lost of sync of these two files as best I can tell. I can get past the loading animation by clicking on a file from the file list. Maybe that caused the problem?


Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear the sync is not working for you!

Yes, you can do that back exporting the two files first, closing the Android app, clear the app cache in Settings - Storage - Other apps - Dynalist - Delete storage, and then restarting the app.

We’re still not sure. From the bug reports, it looks like it’s a rare occasion of data corruption, although we haven’t been able to figure out the exact cause. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reproduce it or spot any patterns.

If you have any information on that, it would really help our investigation!

I understand that looks related, but it’s not the cause of the issue. This one is a fairly recent bug and will be fixed in the upcoming release.

See: Android stuck at loading animation

I hope that helps!

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How does one delete data cache on IOS?

You can do it here: iPhone/iPad settings - General - iPhone/iPad storage - Dynalist - Delete app.