So, how do you guys use Dynalist?

(not really a “help” question, but I couldn’t think at a better category)

The tool is very flexible so I’m guessing there are some imaginative use cases out there.



Sorry about that. Should we add a “Random” category? (Or convert “Meta” to “Random”?)

Back to answering the question:

I have folders for work, life, and notes. Complex topics get more subfolders, e.g. “Dynalist” has “Product”, “Engineering”, “Support”, etc. under it. This is pretty normal I think.

We have a “Workboard” document to track Dynalist todos. Each of us get a top-level item that’s our name. Under there we have our own way of managing things…

I used to divide things into “High”, “Medium” and “Low” priority, but that didn’t work out. After a while, I figured I could divide things in terms of what role I’m playing. So I got things like “Engineer”, “Designer”, “Manager”, “Marketer”, etc. Each of these has “High priority”, “Low priority”, and “Info”. This “Workboard” document is the 3rd most edited document on Dynalist, with 26,101 versions.

I use another document called “Bug & improvement tracker” to track bugs and improvements suggested by you guys. It contains all imaginable components of Dynalist, and each of them have bugs or improvements under it. For example, a component could be Dynalist → Dynalist web → Search → Search within document. Each bug or improvement has user emails or Twitter handles as its subitems. When we complete a task, we simply check it out without deleting it. After some time, when we’re done releasing the new version, we would come back to the list, find checked items, notify the user, and then delete that bug or improvement.

Another productivity boost is to use Back and Forward all the time. My mouse has a set of built-in back/forward keys on the side, so I can go back and forward without moving the mouse or touching the keyboard. I know this depends on the hardware so not everyone can do it, I just feel like this gave me a big productivity boost when quickly switching between two lists so I want to share it.

That’s all I can think of right now. May add more later. Great question, by the way :wink:!


Thank you, that’s quite a system! It’s nice to get a glimpse of how the devs use their own app :slight_smile:

(regarding the forum category, I think I wasn’t paying attention, “Meta” is perfect for this post. Sorry :slight_smile: ).

Yeah, I guess “Meta” would be okay, but something like “General” would be more suitiable, I think.