Smooth keyboard usage

Do we think we’re close to being able to use keyboard for nearly everything? There’s a few cases where i need that mouse and maybe there always will be. I’m wondering what people think are the lacks preventing you to really be comfortable.

File manipulation mainly (for the folders and documents in the left pane).

Editing settings, probably, but I think that’s expected, given you don’t constantly tweak settings.

This too: Keyboard shortcut to clear search results

Currently, Ctrl+left arrow and Ctrl+right arrow do nothing. It would be great if Ctrl+right expanded the current heading and Ctrl+left collapsed the current heading. In order to do so now, you have to take your right hand away from the arrow keys and move it to the “.”

The problem is that Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right are typically used to move to before and next word.

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Ctrl-Space expands and collapses the current heading.

You’re right, Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right are already used. Ctrl+Space doesn’t work for me. Is it supposed to? Only Ctrl+Period collapses or expands for me. Perhaps Ctrl+Alt+Up and Ctrl+Alt+Down could be used? In Windows 7, these key combinations are used to change the screen display orientation and, I think, are expendable.

You’re right, I added Ctrl-Space as a custom shortcut. I think it’s perfect, Ctrl-Period doesn’t suit me.

A new discovery: top-level, top of list, I press Page-Down twice. The cursor doesn’t follow the scrolling, and I can’t do anything onscreen.

I just discovered that you can customize the keystroke commands. This app is great!