Keyboard shortcut to clear search results

Now that it is easy to go from the search bar into the results using tab, it would be helpful to have another keyboard shortcut to clear the search results (keeping your cursor position unchanged, just removing the filter).

Makes sense.

There’s another bug going on right now, which is that Esc doesn’t clear the search filter even if your cursor is inside the searchbox. Just to make sure, this feature request is not related to that bug, right? :slight_smile:

I did notice that bug, but no, this is something different. More like move my cursor down to search results at the item I want, then use a keyboard shortcut to kill the search filter while not affecting my cursor.

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Thanks for the reply! Understood.

I signed on today to ask for this very feature! :smiley: I’m glad it’s on your radar.


Was it triggered by the possibility that you can use Tab to navigate to search results as well?

Not exactly. It was because of a common workflow for me:

  • Be working in main list
  • Filter the list using a bookmark or search (Ctrl-F) to find an item I want
  • Edit the item in the filtered list
  • While editing the item, un-filter list so I can see the item’s normal context

That last point requires either some mouse clicking, or several keystrokes (Ctrl-F to go back to the find box, Ctrl-A to select all, DEL to delete the search, TAB to return to list). It would be great if I could just hit ESC or some other hotkey to un-filter the list while keeping the current item visible.

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Got it, thanks for the detailed explanation!