Small pop up bar to choose color instead of closing the keyboard

In mobile app, in the pass, when click the ā€œmore optionā€ button, there were a little section to choose color for an item. That area is very small and serve the purpose

Now, when I want to change the color, it closes my keyboard and cover the whole list, just to choose the color. It took some time to close the keyboard and have the new box pop up, and it is a bit disturbing.

I can see the need for doing this when we choose a date, but for color, I prefer a small pop-up bar above the button instead of a new color-choosing page.

One of the reasons was that each box was really small and that tapping on the correct box hard.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem that @Chris mentions? Feel free to like or comment :slight_smile:

As when the color button is pressed, we just need to have 7 buttons (6 colors+ no color). If the pop up bar can cover the whole width in mobile app, I think that is enough. As long as the pop-up bar donā€™t close my keyboard, it will help a lot.