Show collapse / uncollapse bulletpoints on Checklists

This would be nice to have

Right now theres’s no way to tell if a checklist has another checklist hidden underneath it.


you can’t see that there’s 2 hidden bulletpoints under the “qwerty” checklist here

Perhaps make the checklist square have a shadow / border to it?

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Thanks for pointing this out. I wasn’t aware that bullet points under a checklist item were “hidden” so to speak.

Some sort of visual cue would be helpful in this scenario. I have gone back to look at some of my checklists to see if this is a relevant use case. Yes indeed. I have various checklists for camping preparation, etc., that have multiple levels. I fully expand the checklist to make sure I can see all of the children.

Good find @Vincent_Tang.


Are you using any custom style/script? The checkboxes have bullet points in front of them on my end.

hmm okay yea its definitely a stylish CSS thing I had on , I put on my chromium and it shows the bulletpoint in front

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