Show calendar week in date picker

Could the week number be shown in date picker tool (option for iso for europeans)? In custom date formating its already possible to show it, it would really be convinient to see it as well when picking a date (example from outlook, week numbers in yellow):


Is that a European tradition? My system date viewer (Windows 10) doesn’t have the week number on it.

system date viewer sadly does not have it (Windows 7, German language)

I see, that’s unfortunate.

For now, because even the Windows system date viewer doesn’t have it (and probably not even through an option), I’m afraid we can’t add yet another option for this. Our option page is already so long with many buried under the “Advanced” section.

For anyone reading this, do comment or like the original post to let us know if you need this too. More people wanting it gives us a bigger reason to implement it :slight_smile: