Respect the "Focus on first item" settings for item links

I don’t want it to focus on first item when I open an item’s URL. My intention in this view is to make things a bit cleaner, more aesthetic, less distraction, just focus on the children of the item, with the item as the title. But to explode the header item into markdown every time has the opposite effect, it’s annoying and distracting. I don’t think users open an items URL with the intention of editing the header item, it’s more of a title for the list they are intending to edit.

Thanks for your suggestion!

I’m sorry that I don’t think I fully understand what you mean. Do you have “focus on first item” option enabled or disabled?

Thanks in advance!

“focus on first item” is disabled.
Steps to repeat: click the dot
Also acceptable:

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I see what you mean now.

The original intention of the “focus on first item” option is to facilitate keyboard users. So that when they switch between places with the keyboard, there’s an item in focus as the starting point.

The behavior here is not related to “focus on first item”. If you read the description, it only mentions switching between documents:

So, I added a poll about this behavior: Should item be auto-focus when you zoom into it? Let’s see what results we get.

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