Shortcuts&Formatting as menu

With my current (non-standard) dvorak layout driver, changing shortcuts is very crucial for me to make dynalist’s features accessible as most of the default shortcuts are not recognized or out of reach.
Recently my dynalist pro account subscription stopped and all shortcuts got reverted to default. Now I can only access features via right-clicking the item which is very very slow.

###How to resolve this problem:

  1. customization of shortcuts should not be exclusive to pro subscription as it is necessary to make this product usable.
  2. switch the entries in the Shortcuts&Formatting section to buttons that actually do the thing (fromat, change color etc). This might we very useful for everyone as many features get way more accessible.

Unfortunately I don’t think this is something we can solve… could you be a little more specific about which shortcuts are problematic?

There are many applications that rely on shortcuts (e.g. Google Docs) but there’s no way to customize shortcuts. How do you cope or do you not use any of those apps?

Thanks. It’s the first time I’ve heard about this, so my best guess is that although this problem exists, it’s definitely not a common one.