Shortcuts for Favorites on top Navigation

I would really like a feature like this: (

Basically, similar to how evernote let’s you favorite “bookmarks” at the top navigation of the application. I already use a bunch of documents on folder on left side, so it doesn’t make sense for me to flip flop back and forth between “favorites” and “my files”.

I’d rather just have everything up there, all in one place, so I can see which bokomarks I want to click and use

EDIT even better if you make it similar to a google chrome bookmark style layout:

Would really like to hear more opinions on this… anyone?

I can imagine the value of shortcuts on the web version but this will be difficult or impossible on mobile without swipe actions revealing the shortcuts.

The other concern here is how often do people actually need to switch between documents or shortcuts? I have one main document and rarely switch during the day. This might warrant a poll to determine.

I think one of the main features of dynalist compared to workflowy is that workflowy only supports one document, whereas dynalist supports multidocs + folders

For context, I use the following folders / doc rules:

  1. One document has all my notes I default generally here
  2. One document = one class course of notes (e.g. I have a folder called with multiple docs for multiple courses)
  3. One document per general research paper (e.g. one document researching fitness/running/nutrition/macros, one document for wordpress development, etc)
  4. One document for reference /cheatsheet notes (e.g. my wikipedia of all my computer science knowledge)

The thing is, some of my notes could fall under different documents (like PHP notes, that could fall under my wordpress research development, or my general default notes).

Sometimes I’ll be on my general notes, logging things I do at work, and get a breakthrough thought process and after an hour have a really well hashed out idea that I’d like to reference later and see where it is at with a “bookmark”. It would also really help me implment a kanban-like system if I had a google chrome bookmark like system up top, with folders like

  • “Ideas”
  • “filter by: @idea tags”

The problem is I cannot have both my “file view mode” and “bookmark view mode” at same time so I don’t really know what bookmarks I have. So those bookmarks become out of sight out of mind.


This is how I currently bookmark my “Favorites”. I simply use google chrome bookmarks and the unique URL generated by dynalist documents / bookmark locations

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While I can see the interest in having bookmark bar, personally I never use bookmarks in my browser let alone in Dynalist.

In my browser I do bookmark things, but I always use the omnibar in chrome to find an address, including those I’ve bookmarked just by typing in a few characters of where I want to go and using the cursor to select it.

In Dynalist, I don’t generally bookmark. While I made use of that functionality in Workflowy, especially along with cmd+; (semi-colon) to switch between a few favorites, in Dynalist I tend to use a directory/document hierarchy to manage the main documents I use. I just use that task bar on the side to jump around when I need to. On Mobile it opens up to easily navigate and doesn’t take up screen real-estate. On desktop, it’s usually large enough that I’m not concerned about having to get more screen space.