Shortcut to follow of a moved item

When I move an item, I sometimes want to go to the moved location. There is a popup that shows and allows me to do so easily with a link.

However, can I also do so with a keyboard shortcut?

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All of the keyboard shortcuts available are what is implemented at the moment. So unfortunately we don’t have a shortcut to jump to moved location :frowning:

Can it be added to some kind of feature-request list then?


Feel free to suggest this feature in
As you can see from @pottster’s Trello link, we have a lot of features in the works. So it might take a while for feature requests to be implemented.

If you really don’t want to move away from the keyboard, you could use the “Open item finder” shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+O which allows you to search and jump to a node just the way you would move a node. It is a Pro feature, though, and you would have to search for the destination node twice.