Share to Dynalist in Android does not work at first

Steps to reproduce

Share from an Android app

Expected result

Shared content to populate an item for confirmation in Dynalist.

Actual result

Dynalist opens as usual, with no new information.


Samsung Galaxy 7

Additional information

This seems to happen when Dynalist is not in the memory cache. If the same share action is repeated, once Dynalist is loaded, then it works. This kind of problem doesn’t seem to affect sharing actions from other apps in Android.

Additional comments

Thanks for the bug report! We’ll be sure to fix it so that when it’s first opened up inbox capture is ready.

Sorry for the inconveniences for now!

This bug is still there. Need to share again almost every time.

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Hi @Lux_DeCalor, which version of the Android app are you using, if you don’t mind me asking?

Hi Erica,

App version 1.2.7 according to the google play store
Android versions 5.1 and 8

Same issue here.

@Lux_DeCalor @Kevin_Murray Sorry for the late reply!

I tried what you described, but couldn’t make the bug happen on my end. Do you think there’s anything that can help us reproduce the issue?

I removed Dynalist from memory cache (I closed all apps), and shared something from Notes. I see the inbox capture screen right away.

Hmm. It never works for me first time. I’m using a Samsung S7, if that’s relevant. I could also have more apps in memory. I have no problems with any other app sharing information.

Never works for me the first time either, even though Dynalist is allowed to run in background persistently and whitelisted from all battery saving.

Works second and third time. But then stops working again after approximately 20 minutes of not engaging with Dynalist.

I have no problems with sharing to any other apps.

I see, that 20 minutes information is important, thanks! We’ll look into if anything special happens after 20 minutes of non-engagement.

I’m also testing on Android 5.1. OS version shouldn’t be an issue.

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