Separate color for [today] date tags

It would be nice to have a different color for dates that are tagged today (green perhaps) than the red color used for dates older than today.

Red = warning (you’re late)
Green = let’s go :grin:


This would be great! The red Today definitely bugs me.

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It looks like the “today” tag is being marked with the “is-overdue” class:

<span contenteditable="true" class="node-inline-item node-time is-overdue">Today</span>

…which is rendered by the following CSS: .Node {
  background: rgba(223, 32, 32, 0.2);
  border: solid 1px #ef8f8f;

@Erica, @Shida, would you consider marking “Today” tags with a different CSS tag, such as “due-today”? That way we could style it any way we like using custom CSS, without impacting users who like the existing behavior.


I am looking for way to highlight future dates especially expiration dates.

What CSS for coming/future dates, ie reverse of “is-overdue”?

Any? Thanks.

I don’t think so. It looks like all dates have the node-time class.
Overdue tasks additionally have the is-overdue class.

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Format .node-time in the way you would like to highlight future dates e.g. red. Then format as the default format e.g. black. That way future dates would stand out as red while past dates would be black.