Separate color for [today] date tags

It would be nice to have a different color for dates that are tagged today (green perhaps) than the red color used for dates older than today.

Red = warning (you’re late)
Green = let’s go :grin:


This would be great! The red Today definitely bugs me.

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It looks like the “today” tag is being marked with the “is-overdue” class:

<span contenteditable="true" class="node-inline-item node-time is-overdue">Today</span>

…which is rendered by the following CSS: .Node {
  background: rgba(223, 32, 32, 0.2);
  border: solid 1px #ef8f8f;

@Erica, @Shida, would you consider marking “Today” tags with a different CSS tag, such as “due-today”? That way we could style it any way we like using custom CSS, without impacting users who like the existing behavior.


I am looking for way to highlight future dates especially expiration dates.

What CSS for coming/future dates, ie reverse of “is-overdue”?

Any? Thanks.

I don’t think so. It looks like all dates have the node-time class.
Overdue tasks additionally have the is-overdue class.

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