"Send to Inbox" telegram bot

There is only one option for Dynalist users to send an item to Inbox quickly (send to email). Which is fairly not really fast in 2k20 :slight_smile:
I would be happy if it would be possible to sent a message to some telegram bot and its content will appear as an item in the Inbox list.
There are some obvious benefits from this feature:

  • You just need to push one button : “send to …”
  • It is super cross-platform by design (Android, IOS, Pc, Mac, Linux, etc.).
  • Such bot could easily handle images and\or files

There is an open source attempt to do it (GitHub - PoJo93/dynalist-chatbot: With this bot you are able to store messages comfortably in your Dynalist Inbox), but official bot will make “send to” function at least useful.

Thanks a lot!

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@Danya, Interesting.
Please check out the other method available here, albeit scripted for iPhone but doable in other platforms.

Its still not perfect, and I have to wait a little for the interface to come up on my slow phone (5s), but when it gets sent its posted almost immediately, and I don’t have to fuss with email aspects.


We have an API, so it’s entirely possible, just requires some work.

People have succeeded in posting to Dynalist with IFTTT (you can search the forum), and I see lots of Telegram workflows on IFTTT, so that might work too.

I think this would be a super cool project but shouldn’t be an official product. The api is pretty flexible, I built an entire third party android app around it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.louiskirsch.quickdynalist


Dear Louis,
You are breathtaking! Thank you for taking your efforts on the community goods, the idea of your app is super cool, but there are some issues:

  • I had been using your app some weeks ago and there was a sync problem after a week of usage (it just didn’t work for some reason, but reinstallation helped)
  • Some people really don’t like to rely on a third party services, when it’s come to personal data.
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I am aware of these issues and have updated the syncing algorithm, all of the issues should be resolved now.

It may help these people to know that the entire app is open-source and can be inspected to make sure there is no malicious code (like sharing your data) GitHub - louiskirsch/QuickDynalist: Add new items to dynalist quickly (native android app)
You can even compile it yourself if you want to.

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