Send to Inbox from phone


I´m trying to find a way to send a note from my phone into dynalist. I would like to be able to do it using the app drafts.

I´ve seen that there are ways of adding the note to an append file in dropbox or google docs but I can´t seem to get it to work.

Can anybody help me with this ?

I’m not a Draft user myself, but if you are able to Share the note to other apps, you should find Dynalist among them. This will send your note to your Dynalist inbox location.

I hope that helps!

Hi Erica and thank you for you´re quick response.

Can you send me a link to where this feature is working for example with

  • dropbox
  • google docs
  • or any other way

I´m pretty flexible in my approach to this, I just need to be able to send stuff to my dynalist inbox (without opening the app)

See if this Draft Action (using the API) works for you? You will need your secret token from the Developer Portal to use it. Currently it only works for a single item (everything else goes to the notes of that item). Would love to see it updated so a list of items could go to the inbox as a list (with indenting) but I’m not a good enough programmer to do it. (I just adapted this from an existing action.)

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Hi Kerim, Thank you for you´re response

  • Have you made any changes to this action ? I could not click on “This Draft Action” link
  • But I tried the one you said you addepted yours from and I don´t like having the background coloured and also how it adds a date to the task. Have you managed to change that ?

Currently I´m using [dynawrite](- but I would like to have an action in drafts for this.

Have you seen this [threat](-, it looks like it is possible to do it by having an append text file in dropbox or google docs, and it should be added to you´re dynalist inbox.

Yes, I edited the action to remove some of that. Since the share via URL never seems to work, try this dropbox link.

Awsome this is exactly what I needed, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I created an iOS shortcut. This will prompt for a text and send to Dynalist Inbox.

Open the Shortcuts App and create a script as below:


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