Search Overhaul so that I don't need to use the mouse so much?


I find the search feature on my windows laptop very clunky. Mainly because I have to do so much with my mouse. Could you please overhaul the searching features so that no mouse is required. In particular, when I do a search for at item, and I find it. To actually go to that item and show everything in it, I have to first click on the item, and then I have to delete the search term so that I get what is under it. Is there a better way? I am a pro user so I do use the crtl shift O feature as well, but it doesn’t cycle through enough search items. imho, this is the number one feature part of the UX to improve that will get the biggest return in user satisfaction and paying customers.


A step forward would be to allow hotkeys to delete the current search term, or a way to select an item and leave the search at the same time.