Search has:date Parent Has Date!



If I’m searching for dated items, and the parent of the item has a date, is there a way I can get a Dynalist search to treat the item as if it had a date?

e.g. I’ve got a top-level item “Annual Battery Replacement” and it has 20 child items listing each battery I’m supposed to replace. I put a date on the “Annual Battery Replacement”. Logically, that means I’ve put a date on all of the 20 children. But I can’t find a way to make Dynalist treat the children as if they were dated.

How can I accomplish something like has:date and have it include items with dated parents?

Also, how can I accomplish something like -has:date and have it include items that don’t have a date AND the parent doesn’t have a date?


I don’t think that’s possible right now. parent:keyword is available but it’s for keyword searching and not compatible with has:date. Sorry!