Search engines indexing publicly shared links?

Perhaps this is a naive question, but if I share a document with someone via a publicly shared link, will that link be indexed by search engines.

If not, why not?

Btw, this is a great product and help platform. If in spite of the excellent resources, this question has already been asked and answered, I apologize.

Thank you.

My understanding is that if you send someone the link on Facebook or via email, it won’t be indexed.

I think search engines crawl all the webpages it knows and also the links on them. So if you want your public document to be indexed, including it in your blog or personal website is a good idea.

I hope that helps!


Thanks Erica, yeah I was considering the opposite, keeping a publicly shared URL out of the search engine indices.

Ok, in that case just don’t post the link on public places :slight_smile:

Places like private Facebook groups shouldn’t be indexed.