Save settings on mobile devices

So if one uses Dynalist (both iOS and Android) without internet, it changes back to default settings.
Can be kinda irritating sometimes so this could be nice if settings are saved locally.


That’s odd, should be a bug instead of a feature request.

Any chance you have more specific steps for repro? For example, how long after being offline do the settings disappear? And does that always happen?

Thanks in advance. That would greatly help us repro and investigate this issue.

When you have internet connected, everything is normal.
When you don’t, it changes back to light (default) theme, cozy list density and Whitney medium-sized font.
Also nothing happens even if you reconnect to internet after that, everything only fixes if you clear Dynalist from recent application and reload Dynalist with internet on.

Also I’ll guess I’ll move this to Bugs subforum when I’m freely available.


Could you give me some more details on how the dark theme changes to the light (default) theme, for example? Did you quit the app, or does the theme change while you’re in the app when internet disconnects?

The theme doesn’t change while on app, it is only determined at app startup if the user has network connection or not, at least this is as far as I know; I tried to disconnect after app is launched, settings seems fine on that situation.


Ok, so in other words, this is how to repro this issue on your end:

  1. Open Dynalist app and change to dark theme (with internet),
  2. Quit Dynalist app,
  3. Disconnect from internet,
  4. Open Dynalist app again and see light theme.

Is that right? To fix any issue we’ll need consistent steps to make it happen in order to debug it, which is why I’m asking all this. Thanks in advance.

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I followed the steps above and I confirm same problem happening in Dynalist Android running on Xiaomi Note 4.

Yes, that is exactly what I mean.

I followed the steps, can confirm same thing happen in iOS app too (newest version).

This randomly happened to me today also.
Latest Android version.

@Shida has pinpointed and fixed the issue, the fix will be released in the next mobile version (1.2.2).

Really sorry about this!