Safari or Chrome pages can't be shared to Dynalist any longer (v1.4.3@iOS regression)

Steps to reproduce

Open a page in Safari on iOS. Share a page.

Expected result

See Dynalist in the list of options.

Actual result

Dynalist is no longer in the list.


iOS 12.4.5
Safari/Chrome/any other app
DL v1.4.3.
no 3rd party scripts except for Google Fonts customisation.

Additional comments

Ofc this worked before. I have requested a feature before to be able to share images to DL but did not expect it to regress into the opposite direction.

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Can confirm, will be fixed in the next version.

I believe we may have not properly included the share extension when performing a full rebuild of the app on this version (which we usually don’t do).

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Will be fixed in 1.4.4 (still waiting for Apple review).