Rotating Lists / List Rotation

An example of the kind of thing that can be done:
{ } Click on this item, and instead of being crossed off, it rotates to the bottom of the list
{ } Shift-Click auto rotates this item up, to the top of the list
{ } Ctrl-Shift-Click crosses it off, and drops it out of the list
{ } Some Alt combination, maybe Alt+Page Up/Down, rotates the entire list

Or, instead of creating a special type of list, just add this as a feature that can be done with any list – Maybe Ctrl+R = Rotate Item Up, Ctrl + R = Rotate Item Down, Alt+R/Alt+Shift+R, rotates the entire list.

Can be used for things like:

  • “Who’s turn is it this week?”
  • Where does the club meet next?
  • How do I rotate through a list of my family’s favorite meals?

Interesting idea, we’ll see if we can add a few customizable shortcuts.

As a workaround, you could also try coloring each item, select all of them, and do Ctrl+Shift+L to bulk rotate to the next color.

I have this use case. My workaround is to Move the current item to its parent. It stays at the same parent but is now the last item. I do this often from phone where your suggested approach is impossible.

I feel like Move to top/bottom of current level can customizable shortcuts as well. We’ll never run out of empty shortcuts, after all :slight_smile:

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