Root item always shows 'Add note' option

Steps to reproduce

  1. In any file, zoom out to the root item.
  2. Open the menu for the root item.
  3. Notice how the Add note option is always available, whether there are notes attached to the item or not.

Expected result

Expected the root item to show the Add note option only when there are no notes attached to the item, just like the other items behave.


Chrome for linux.

Good point. We thought it would be useful whether the note is there or not, but then you can just click on the note text to go to note. “Add note” actually meant “go to note”, but I agree the wording is off.

The only concern is that if you hide note content, it might not be obvious that you can click the “…” icon to expand the note. The user might rely on the “Go to note” option to go to note.

But why this just for the root item? The other items behave like this already; the option is only there when there is no note.

That’s a bug, and also we’re only talking about title items I believe? Check out the normal items (not zoomed in), and “Add note” should always be there.

By root, I mean the first possible item, the one you can’t zoom out anymore, the item that gives the filename.

Here’s how the menus work for me:

  • The root item always has the “Add note” option.
  • The normal items have the “Add note” option only when there is no note attached to it.
  • A “zoomed in” item never has the “Add note” option (as reported here: Missing options on the menu of zoomed in item ).
  • When you open a menu for an item and, without closing that menu, open another menu, that second menu and any others you open without clicking away from the menu to close it(except the root item and a zoomed in item), will appear with limited options and “Add note”, among with some other options, will not appear.

@AnakimLuke Sorry to bother you after so long, we’ve done some improvements for this, can you see a difference?