Missing options on the menu of zoomed in item

Steps to reproduce

  1. Zoom in in any item.
  2. Open the menu for the zoomed in item.
  3. Notice how there is no Add to bookmarks option.
  4. Notice how there is no Add note option, whether there is a note attached to it or not.

Expected result

  • Expected it have a Add to bookmarks option, just like the other items have.
  • Expected the Add note option to appear when there are no notes attached to the item, just like the other items normally behave.


Chrome for linux.

Additional comments

To test how the normal items usually have the Add note and Add to bookmarks option, make sure to click away from open menus before opening a new one, because after the first click, some options are purposely omitted(I assume…) from the next menus to be opened.

Can confirm, @Erica.