Right click menu on link have no copy button

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Windows/Linux desktop app
  2. Add list item with a link
  3. Step to next item
  4. Right click on link
  5. Only disabled Select All available

Expected result

Have a buttons with Copy Link and Copy Link Text

Actual result



Desktop app on Windows 10 / Ubuntu 18.04

It is pretty inconvenient, but maybe it’s a feature request instead?

From what I know, the normal right-click menu you see that includes options like “Copy link address” and “Open link in new tab” is provided by Chrome. Without Chrome, one loses this convenience.

The good news is that the copy link option is relatively easy to add. I’ll move this over to “Features” and also add it to our todo list. Thanks for suggesting this!

@Erica Awesome! :smile:
p.s :thinking: I was think about that more like common UX pattern.
If app display the link as a link, user usually have ability to copy or open it.
For example Slack, telegram, terminal, office packages, many other applications.

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I see, that makes more sense. Definitely a feature we should include!

@Erica Just what to remind about this. It still make it hard to work with a links in standalone application .

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@Erica Hi! Just want to remind about this one.
Still waiting on :slight_smile: .
I have kinda workaround, but this will make working with links much easier.
Just want to be sure that it still tracked.