Reusable content - effective way of saving notes

seems that helpful way of taking down info was found over time,

reusable notes

“I started building obsession over just trying to write good-looking notes, not practical notes in chunks that I could easily reuse”

the kind/types of notes/info i covered in the notes post were essentially about value, and one kind of value is ‘reusable’ so def agree

this is essentially about value + summary:

"When I write notes in dyna now, its mostly to break down info.

If I don’t feel like I get a good RoI on some specific notes, I simply don’t write them anymore"


I am confused by your quotes. Are these things you no longer do? Are these things you still do? Do these relate to this new post here?

@Vincent_Tang - someone asked what you currently do, plenty could possibly change in a quarter