Return First Children?

Is it possible for a search to return ‘first children of’?

e.g. I have a few items tagged ‘#project’. Each project has many children (which are tasks). I’d like to run a search query which returns the first child of every project.

There are too many tasks for me to deal with them all, and I’d prefer not to tag each first child as #firstChild because once I complete/delete the task, I want the next task to automatically become the first child for that project.

In a a way there is, but you have to make some changes to the structure of your tasks.

If you have a project where several tasks can be done simultaniously then you will see all simultanious tasks. If on the other hand you nest your tasks because Task A can’t be done before Task B then you kan use the “-has:children” search operator. This will then only show tasks that do not have a child.

The Android app “Quick Dynalist” has a setting to “Preview first x children” where x is a number you can set to 3, 5 or 10.