Request: Page Encryption


Creating a new thread to track Page Encryption feature requested in the forum page Privacy and security

Key points:

  • This is request for Client side encryption
  • Page security after logging into Dynalist
  • 100% risk of losing data if this password was forgotten by user.

Privacy and security
Self-Hosted Dynalist (Privacy and Security)
True Offline Mode or Encrypted Data

Thanks for the request.

By the way did you add the “Tracked” tag yourself? Or is that a mistake?


Yes, I added the tag (thought best fit).


I’ll remove it for now, it’s only for bugs and it means the bug has been tracked by us.

I don’t see a way to add a quick tooltip for each tag, so sorry for the confusion! You don’t need to add any tags when posting a topic, it might cause future confusion when managing topics. Thanks!


I would really like to see this feature too.
Client side encryption.
If there is a security breach at dynalist valuable information could be stolen.