2nd 'Offline' Database, locally on-device (not 'Offline Mode'/'E2E')

An addition to the already existing Trello feature card https://trello.com/c/46l658SA, “True Offline Mode”. It’s a bit different.

What I want to be able to do

  • I like the seamless sync function to all devices and the comfort it provides me.
  • But, I’m starting to love Dynalist, and I’d like to use Dynalist to outline everything and anything.
  • Thus, I would also like to use Dynalist to outline confidential or personal information.
  • Stop! I am not comfortable sharing this particular type of information with any cloud service (for me personally: irrelevant of trust or available E2E).

So what now?

My “What if?” scenario:

  • Dynalist has a secondary, local, on-device database. (I think more of a desktop computer here than a mobile phone)
  • Anytime that I create a document, I could create it in “cloud” or “local”.
  • I can easily move documents between the two databases. I do this via drag-and-drop, or a menu option.
  • Since Dynalist already offers an export-and-backup feature, I won’t lose my data if my computer crashes. (…if I actually do the backups =)

Can you relate to my scenario?
Is this technically possible?

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