Request: Ability to have two or more different sets of lists under one dynalist account

I have all of my “work” and all of my “personal” notes in dynalist. I’d like to separate them but still have them all under the same dynalist account.

All of my “work” notes are under a Work folder and all of my “personal” notes are under a Personal folder. So they’re in separate folders, but they’re not really separate as far as actions like viewing, searching, etc. are concerned. More explanation:

When I look at my left nav bar (the “file pane”) I see all of “My files” listed. I have them grouped into two folders: Work and Personal. Each one of those folders has a number of separate files in the folder. So my file pane looks like this:



So, as you see, I’m using Dynalist for both work related notes and personal related notes. But the only reason I see them all in my file pane is that, as far as I can tell, I HAVE to see them all due to the way Dynalist works. I really want to keep them completely separate (i.e. the work related files and the personal related files). But I don’t see any way to have two separate sets of files within my one dynalist account.

One reason I want to keep them separate has to do with conducting searches. Let’s say I’m in the 2019-Q2-Work file, that’s in the Work folder. And let’s say I search on something like “development strategy”. Maybe I get four or five results, all nicely highlighted. But, I quickly realize that what I’m looking for isn’t in that file and I think it’s probably in another of my work related files. So, I can click on “Search in all documents” and I’ll see more results. That’s great, but the results I then get will be from searching through all of my Work related files AND all of my Personal related files. But I ONLY want that broader search to search through my Work related files. As far as I can tell, there’s no way for me to restrict the search to just those files that are in the Work folder.

Reviving this conversation to see if there’s been any progress and if others think this would be a good feature.

This could be completely addressed with the feature suggested in another thread -
Search in a specific folder, not all of them - :star2:Features - Dynalist Forum

There’s even a Trello voting for this topic, but I guess it hasn’t gotten much attention, so it seems not important to the majority of people. In my opinion, it could be very handy for sure.

Maybe this feature can be what you need to solve your problem. The other idea, although really silly, is to create another Dynalist account and separate what’s related to work from what is personal stuff. Since you’re Pro, maybe it would require you to become a Pro for the second account too, which is not nice, unless the basic free package happens to be enough for the 2nd account.

By the way, that’s exactly the workaround I found to separate things. I also didn’t want to keep logged in with the session opened to my personal account in the work’s computer (mostly for security reasons). I also managed to share, to the Work account, some folders from the Personal account (not so much data sensitive), so I could edit personal stuff easier without opening the entire Personal database. Hope that makes sense. It’s just the workflow I found that happens to be suitable to me. Not everyone will agree with that, of course.

Thanks FM1. Just added my vote to the Trello request (Search in a specific folder). And yes, have thought about just getting (and paying for) another account. Still might do that. Don’t mind paying for two, really. I love dynalist and want to to remain viable! Interested to hear more about how you were able to share folders from your Work account so they would show up in your Personal account… could you describe that process?

I think something like this could be really helpful. The issue I have is that I’m often showing Dynalists in screen shares on work meetings, and I don’t really like that searching and Ctrl+O opening documents shows my personal stuff on the screen share to everyone in the meeting. It would be nice to be able to sort of switch environments in some way and not have my personal stuff show up when I don’t want it to do.