Repurposing Strikethrough to use as a highlighter

One of the features I’ve been wanting (a pullover from my Evernote days) is the ability to highlight text in Dynalist. I know people have developed CSS to provide background-color coding for the entire bullet, but often I want to highlight just a word or phrase within a bullet.

Then it occurred to me that I really don’t use the Strikethrough formatting feature in Markdown at all, so why not use CSS to repurpose that as a highlighting feature?

Here’s my CSS for this specific feature:
.node-strike-through {
text-decoration: none;
background: yellow;
padding: .25em 0;

And it’s nice that this change doesn’t interfere with Dynalist’s native functionality of crossing off “completed items”


Thanks @Nathan_Dunn!

There have been a couple of similar posts previously.

Great minds think alike :wink:


Great minds do think alike! Great post!

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Looks like I need to improve my “search game” here in the forum… :grinning:

I do like the fact that the markdown itself is included in the search function in Dynalist, so to find any highlights, I can simply search Dynalist for “~~”, and it returns my highlighted results.